Money Worksheets


Have fun learning and identifying money and coins.

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Money Worksheets – Use this 19-page money worksheet packet with your 1st, 2nd, or 3rd-grade classroom or homeschool students. These printable money worksheets are great for review, morning work, seatwork, math centers or stations, homework, assessment, and more.

Counting money will be a breeze. Students will identify coins, count coins, make amounts match, trace the words for the coins, add coins, match amounts, color by code dollar and coins, and more! {ideal for first, second, and third graders}.

There are 19 pages in this download including the following:

  1. What is on the coin?
  2. Who is on the dollar?
  3. All about the penny
  4. All about the nickel
  5. All about the dime
  6. All about the quarter
  7. All about the dollar
  8. Color by coin
  9. Color by dollar
  10. Coin matching
  11. Count the coins (2 different pages)
  12. Coin values
  13. Match the values
  14. Add & subtract the money
  15. Count the money
  16. Count the dollars
  17. Order the coins
  18. Order the dollars


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