Butterfly Life Cycle Worksheet Bundle


Discover the wonders of butterflies from egg to wing with our Butterfly Life Cycle Worksheet Bundle, featuring 44 engaging pages of activities and crafts. Explore, learn, and create with spinner wheels, crafts, research assignments, and fun games designed for a comprehensive understanding of butterfly biology.

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The Butterfly Life Cycle Worksheet Bundle is designed to spark curiosity and foster learning in young minds.

With 44 pages of meticulously crafted worksheets, this bundle covers the entire journey of a butterfly from egg to adulthood.

It combines science with creativity, offering activities like a butterfly life cycle spinner wheel, crafts, and various puzzles that challenge and engage.

Each worksheet is tailored to promote critical thinking, research skills, and a deep appreciation for nature’s miracles.

Whether it’s through coloring, crafting, or writing, children will gain a comprehensive understanding of butterfly life cycles, anatomy, and the importance of butterflies in our ecosystem.

This bundle is an excellent resource for parents and educators looking to enrich their curriculum or provide additional learning materials at home.

Activities included:

  • Butterfly life cycle spinner wheel
  • Life cycle of a butterfly craft
  • Labeling exercises
  • Research on the 4 main stages: egg, caterpillar, chrysalis, butterfly
  • Color and label activities
  • Butterfly research paper
  • Opinion writing: butterfly vs. ladybug preference
  • Butterfly information research: appearance, habitat & diet, movement, interesting facts
  • Life cycle of a butterfly word scramble (easy & harder versions) with answer sheet
  • Life cycle of a butterfly word search with answer sheet
  • Butterfly life cycle coloring page
  • Butterfly scavenger hunt
  • Parts of a butterfly (3 pages) plus an answer sheet
  • 10 informational coloring pages of the most popular butterflies
  • Printable fact sheet about butterflies
  • Butterfly count activity
  • Butterfly tracing lines for fine motor skills
  • Writing practice sheets
  • “Find the letter B” activity
  • Alphabet maze A-Z
  • Butterfly color by number
  • Butterfly matching game

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For a free sample see our free butterfly life cycle coloring page.

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