Easter Alphabet Worksheets


Elevate your Easter-themed educational activities with our engaging Easter Alphabet Worksheets! Perfect for enhancing letter formation, identification, and phonetic skills in a fun and festive way.

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Celebrate the joy of Easter while fostering essential literacy skills with our Easter Alphabet Worksheets.

These delightful worksheets are specifically designed to support students in mastering proper letter formation. Sharpening their letter identification abilities, and learning letter sounds in an interactive and Easter-themed context.

Ideal for a variety of classroom settings, these sheets can be incorporated into small group instruction, whole group handwriting lessons, or as a dynamic addition to literacy centers.

Each worksheet is crafted to provide a comprehensive learning experience.

Students will color in both uppercase and lowercase versions of each letter, adding a splash of creativity to their learning.

They’ll also engage with Easter-themed images that begin with the specific letter they are working on, making the connection between letters and words more tangible.

Additionally, these sheets offer tracing activities for both letters and corresponding Easter-themed words, enhancing students’ writing and cognitive skills.

To further reinforce their learning, students are encouraged to circle the correct letter they are working on, ensuring they stay focused and engaged.

Plus, the worksheets include an activity where students color pictures that begin with the letter sound. Providing a fun and effective way to develop their phonetic awareness.

These Easter Alphabet Worksheets are not just educational tools but also a way to bring the festive spirit of Easter into the classroom. Making learning an enjoyable and memorable experience for students.

Easter words

  • A is for Angel
  • B is for Basket
  • C is for Chick
  • D is for Dozen
  • E is for Ears
  • F is for Flowers
  • G is for Grass
  • H is for Hatch
  • I is for Inside
  • J is for Jellybeans
  • K is for Kite
  • L is for Lamb
  • M is for Marshmallow
  • N is for Nest
  • O is for Open
  • P is for Paint
  • Q is for Quilt
  • R is for Raddish
  • S is for Shell
  • T is for Tail
  • U is for Umbrella
  • V is for Vest
  • W is for Wreath
  • X is for X marks the spot on a treasure hunt
  • Y is for Yummy
  • Z is for Zig Zag

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