Famous Music Composers Unit Study Bundle

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Explore the world of classical music with our Famous Music Composers Unit Study Bundle, featuring 36 coloring posters and in-depth research projects on iconic composers. Perfect for enhancing music history units in any classroom setting.

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Dive into the fascinating realm of music history with our comprehensive Famous Music Composers Unit Study Bundle.

This educational package includes 36 beautifully designed coloring posters, each featuring a different musical mastermind, from the classical genius of Mozart and Bach to the modern melodies of Gershwin and Bernstein.

Accompanying each poster is a detailed research project, encouraging students to explore the life, works, and influence of each composer.

This bundle is an ideal resource for music educators, offering a versatile approach to teaching.

Whether working as a class on a single composer or allowing students to individually delve into the lives of their favorites, these materials provide a fun, interactive way to learn about music history. The bundle covers a wide range of composers, ensuring a diverse and comprehensive study experience.

It’s an excellent addition to any music curriculum, suitable for a variety of age groups and educational settings.

You will receive the music composer research project and the composer coloring pages


  1. John Williams
  2. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  3. Franz Haydn
  4. Johann Sebastian Bach
  5. Antonio Vivaldi
  6. George Frideric Handel
  7. Wilhelm Richard Wagner
  8. Franz Liszt
  9. Robert Schumann
  10. Frederic Chopin
  11. Franz Peter Schubert
  12. Gioachino Rossini
  13. Ludwig Van Beethoven
  14. Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
  15. Modest Mussorgsky
  16. Georges Bizet
  17. Charles Camille Saint Saens
  18. Johannes Brahms
  19. Clara Schuman
  20. Aaron Copland
  21. Carl Orff
  22. George Gershwin
  23. Zoltan Kodaly
  24. Sergei Prokofiev
  25. Scott Joplin
  26. Igor Stravinsky
  27. Richard Georg Strauss
  28. Claude Debussy
  29. Sir Edward William Elgar
  30. Gustav Mahler
  31. John Philip Sousa
  32. Edvard Grieg
  33. Leonard Bernstein
  34. Antonin Dvorak
  35. Leroy Anderson
  36. Edward Benjamin Britten

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