First Day of School Activities Bundle


Have fun getting to know your students with these 11 fun first day of school activities, on 39 pages


  1. School color by number
  2. Back to school writing prompts
  3. First day of school crowns
  4. Getting to know you maze
  5. All about me
  6. My favorite things
  7. School scavenger hunt
  8. My favorite color
  9. My favorite book
  10. Getting to know you interview questions
  11. Back to school word scramble

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The first day of school is super exciting for both students and teachers. Have fun on your first day back with these fun getting to know you worksheets.

There are 11 different activities including:

School color by number (9 pages)

Back to school writing prompts (2 pages)

First day of school crowns (15 pages)

There are 2 different designs for preschool, pre-k, kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade, homeschool, and a general school one which can be used with any grade. There is also one page of a headband expander that you may need (or sentence starters work just as well!)

Getting to know you maze (2 pages)

The children need to find their way through the backpack maze, but they need to open the doors to get through. To unlock each door the children have to find someone in their classroom who fits the description. For example: has blue eyes, can speak a different language, has a sister, and 12 other questions.

My Favorite Things (2 pages)

The children need to write (or draw, there are 2 options) what is their favorite:

sport, book, animal, person, vacation, and food.

My Favorite Book (1 page)

The students need to decide what their favorite book is and design a new front cover, describe why it is their favorite and more.

My Favorite Color (1 page)

Have fun getting to know your students with this colorful worksheet where the kids have to tell you what their favorite color is and why.

Getting to Know You (1 page)

Put the children in pairs and let them interview each other with these fun getting to know you questions.

All About Me (1 page)

Where the students have spaces to color, draw, and write all about themselves.

School Scavenger Hunt (2 pages)

Get the kids to get used to the layout of the classroom as they search for the stationery in this fun scavenger hunt. There is a separate one for homeschool families.

Back to School Word Scramble (3 pages)

Have fun unscrambling the back to school words with this word scramble, there are 2 versions one for younger students and another for advanced year 2 students. There is also an answer sheet included.


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