Insect Alphabet Worksheets


Insect Alphabet Worksheets are a fun and educational set of 26 sheets designed to help students learn their ABCs alongside fascinating insects. Kids will enjoy coloring, tracing letters and insect names, and identifying pictures that match letter sounds.

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The Insect Alphabet Worksheets offer a comprehensive and interactive approach to early literacy and entomology for young learners.

Each of the 26 worksheets focuses on a different letter of the alphabet, featuring both uppercase and lowercase versions.

Students are invited to color beautifully illustrated insects that start with the corresponding letter, enhancing their familiarity with the alphabet and the natural world.

The activities include tracing the letters and the names of the insects, providing valuable handwriting practice.

Additionally, children are tasked with circling the letter of focus on each sheet and coloring pictures that begin with the specific letter sound, reinforcing phonetic awareness.

These worksheets are perfect for preschoolers and kindergarteners, serving as an engaging tool for classroom lessons, homeschooling, or just for fun learning at home.

Insects for Each Letter:

  • A is for Ant
  • B is for Bee
  • C is for Cricket
  • D is for Dragonfly
  • E is for Earwig
  • F is for Fly
  • G is for Grasshopper
  • H is for Hornet
  • I is for Inchworm
  • J is for June Bug
  • K is for Katydid
  • L is for Ladybug
  • M is for Moth
  • N is for Netwing
  • O is for Orchid Mantis
  • P is for Praying Mantis
  • Q is for Queen Bee
  • R is for Rhinoceros Beetle
  • S is for Spider
  • T is for Termite
  • U is for Ulysses Butterfly
  • V is for Violet Ground Beetle
  • W is for Weevil
  • X is for Xerces Butterfly
  • Y is for Yellow Jacket
  • Z is for Zebra Butterfly

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