50 States Unit Study (90 Pages for Preschool – High School)


Explore the vast history, geography, and culture of America with our 90-page United States unit study, perfect for students from preschool through high school. This guide offers engaging activities and writing prompts tailored to four different age groups for a dynamic learning experience.

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Discover the rich and diverse history, geography, and culture of America with our comprehensive 90-page 50 States unit study. It is designed for students from preschool through high school.

This curriculum provides detailed outlines, engaging writing prompts, and activities tailored to four different age groups, ensuring a rich and dynamic learning experience.

What’s included?

  • Unit Study Overview (Preschool – 1st Grade)
  • Unit Study Overview (2nd Grade – 5th Grade)
  • Unit Study Overview (Middle School Grades)
  • Unit Study Overview (High School Grades)
  • Writing Prompts (Preschool – 1st Grade)
  • Writing Prompts (2nd Grade – 5th Grade)
  • Writing Prompts (Middle School Grades)
  • Writing Prompts (High School Grades)
  • Subject Activities (Preschool – 1st Grade)
  • Subject Activities (2nd Grade – 5th Grade)
  • Subject Activities (Middle School Grades)
  • Subject Activities (High School Grades)
  • Coloring the American Flag
  • Labeling the United States Map
  • Writing Prompt Paper
  • State Study Page (including color and draw sections for state flags, state flowers, state birds, etc.)
  • 50 States Coloring Pages (featuring the main towns of each state plus the state flag to color in)
  • Landmark Descriptions and Coloring Pages (Ellis Island, 9/11 Memorial, One World Trade Center, Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, Capitol Building, White House, Arlington Memorial Amphitheater, Hollywood Sign, Jefferson Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, Golden Gate Bridge, The Alamo, Hoover Dam, Gateway Arch, Space Needle, Mount Rushmore)

Some examples of the unit study and activities

Historical Exploration. Delve into key events and figures in American history, from early Native American societies through European colonization, the Revolutionary War, and the formation of the United States. Explore significant periods like the Civil War, the Industrial Revolution, and the Civil Rights Movement, highlighting major wars, social movements, and political milestones to illustrate the nation’s evolving landscape.

Geographical Understanding. Develop a comprehensive grasp of U.S. geography, including the identification of states, capitals, and regions. Study important physical features such as rivers, mountains, and plains through activities like coloring pages of the 50 states and their flags, and labeling a blank map of America. This section also covers natural resources, climate regions, and national parks.

Government and Civics. Understand the structure and function of the U.S. government, learning about the three branches, the electoral process, and key historical documents such as the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Lessons on how laws are made, the role of the President, and the significance of the Supreme Court help students grasp the fundamentals of American civics.

Cultural Insights. Explore American culture, including contributions of various immigrant groups, the evolution of traditions, and the impact of cultural diversity. Engage with topics like American music, food, clothing, holidays, and Native American tribes and their traditions, gaining insight into the cultural fabric of the nation.

National Symbols and Landmarks. Become familiar with the symbols and landmarks that represent the United States, such as the American flag, the Great Seal, the national anthem, and landmarks like the Statue of Liberty, Mount Rushmore, and the White House. Activities include coloring pages of these landmarks and writing prompts to describe their importance.

Writing Prompts and Creative Activities. Each section includes age-appropriate writing prompts designed to encourage reflection and creativity. Younger students might draw and write about their favorite landmarks or describe national holidays, while older students could write essays on historical events, analyze significant social movements, or conduct research projects on influential figures.

Integration Across Subjects. The unit study integrates seamlessly into different subjects, providing a holistic educational experience. History lessons are complemented by geography activities, civics education is enriched with cultural studies, and science topics such as national parks and technological advancements are included. Math activities involving statistical analysis and economic data, along with English lessons through reading historical fiction and writing reports and essays, ensure a well-rounded approach to learning about the United States.

Additional resources

For book and game suggestions and free printables see our detailed United States unit study.

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For a free sample you can download our American landmarks worksheet

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