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Uncover the world of U.S. Presidents with this expansive president unit study, designed for elementary students. This 165-page pack includes writing prompts, a memory game, bingo, research projects, and fun activities centered on key Presidents.

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Embark on a captivating educational journey through U.S. Presidential history with our comprehensive President unit study, specifically crafted for elementary learners. Spanning 165 pages, this resource-rich collection offers a diverse range of activities, ensuring an engaging and thorough exploration of American leadership.

This unit study is designed to be a comprehensive and engaging learning tool for young students, providing a unique blend of educational activities and creative exploration to enhance their understanding of U.S. Presidents and their impact on American history.

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What’s Included in the U.S. Presidents Unit Study:


  1. Presidents Day Writing Prompt Printables (10 pages): Engage students with thought-provoking prompts about presidential responsibilities, historical events, and the significance of Presidents Day.
  2. If I Were President Writing Worksheet (1 page): A creative exercise allowing students to imagine their own presidential agendas and policies, fostering critical thinking and empathy.
  3. Presidents Day Word Scramble (2 pages, with an answer sheet): A fun, vocabulary-building activity focusing on key terms related to the presidency and U.S. history.
  4. President Memory Game (4 pages): An interactive game designed to help students memorize and recall facts about different U.S. Presidents through engaging visual aids.
  5. Comprehensive Research Project for Every President (45 pages): Detailed worksheets for each President, encouraging in-depth research and exploration of their lives, contributions, and historical context.
  6. George Washington Special Feature (18 pages). Includes in-depth research material, a variety of coloring activities, interactive games, and engaging facts about America’s first President.
  7. John Adams unit study (5 pages). Featuring research guides and coloring sheets, offering insights into the life and presidency of John Adams.
  8. Thomas Jefferson Extended Study (10 pages). A mix of research, coloring activities, and a timeline project to explore Jefferson’s influence and accomplishments.
  9. Abraham Lincoln In-Depth Look (16 pages). Comprehensive materials including research tasks and coloring sheets, highlighting Lincoln’s legacy and pivotal moments in his presidency.
  10. Theodore Roosevelt unit study (5 pages). Engaging research and coloring pages on Roosevelt’s dynamic leadership and impact on American history.
  11. Woodrow Wilson unit study (5 pages). Focuses on Wilson’s presidency with research and coloring activities, covering his domestic and international policies.
  12. Franklin D. Roosevelt Detailed Study (15 pages). An extensive exploration of FDR’s tenure, including research and coloring pages that delve into his New Deal and wartime leadership.
  13. Harry Truman unit study (5 pages). Offers insights into Truman’s presidency with research tasks and engaging coloring sheets.
  14. Dwight D. Eisenhower unit study (5 pages). A look into Eisenhower’s presidential term through research and coloring activities.
  15. Ronald Reagan unit study (5 pages). Research and coloring pages exploring Reagan’s influence on American politics and culture.
  16. Barack Obama coloring pages (9 pages). Detailed study materials including research tasks and coloring pages, highlighting Obama’s presidency and his place in history.
  17. Presidents Bingo (6 pages). Have fun playing with your students with this educational game.

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To download a free sample visit our Presidents Day writing prompt printables.

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