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Dive into the heart of American governance with our comprehensive elementary unit study, featuring 102 engaging pages covering key topics like the Flag’s history, the Supreme Court, and influential figures like Benjamin Franklin. Perfect for young learners, this resource combines history and civics in an accessible and interactive format.

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Embark on an educational journey through the foundations of American government with our meticulously crafted government unit study, tailored for elementary students.

This expansive resource, spanning 102 pages, offers an immersive exploration into pivotal aspects of the nation’s governance and history.

Ideal for both the classroom and homeschool, this package is full of knowledge and interactive learning opportunities.

What’s Included:

  • History of the Flag (12 pages): Uncover the evolution and significance of the American Flag, fostering a sense of national pride.
  • Pledge of Allegiance (6 pages): Delve into the meaning and history behind this patriotic oath.
  • Statue of Liberty (8 pages): Explore the symbolism and story of this iconic American monument.
  • Founding Fathers (9 pages): Learn about the influential figures who laid the groundwork for the nation.
  • Declaration of Independence (10 pages): A detailed study, including an answer sheet, to understand this pivotal document in American history.
  • Constitution (10 pages): Gain insights into the Constitution’s role in shaping the nation’s governance.
  • Supreme Court (15 pages): A comprehensive look at the highest court in the land and its impact on American law.
  • Bill of Rights (10 pages): An exploration of the first ten amendments and their significance.
  • Bill of Rights Word Search (1 page plus an answer sheet): An interactive activity to engage learners in a fun way.
  • What is Government (13 pages): An easy-to-understand breakdown of governmental structures and functions.
  • Benjamin Franklin (8 pages): A glimpse into the life and contributions of this key historical figure.

This unit study is not just a learning tool but an adventure into the heart of American civics and history, crafted to ignite curiosity and understanding in young minds. It’s an essential resource for any educator or parent wishing to provide a comprehensive and engaging educational experience in American governance and historical figures.

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