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Discover the fascinating journey of Barack Obama with our engaging coloring pages and research activity. This educational pack provides a vibrant way to explore the life and legacy of the 44th President of the United States.

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Dive into the remarkable life of Barack Obama with our comprehensive mini unit study and Barack Obama coloring pages designed for curious minds.

This educational resource includes a collection of 9 meticulously designed coloring pages, each offering a unique glimpse into the milestones and moments that defined Obama’s presidency.

Accompanied by a special front page, students are invited to personalize their learning experience through art.

The highlight of this pack is an in-depth research paper activity, guiding students through key aspects of Obama’s life and presidency.

From his date of birth to his tenure in the White House, including his role as a husband to the First Lady and partnership with his Vice President, this activity covers all bases.

Students will also delve into Obama’s political affiliation, his home state, and unearth intriguing facts about his legacy.

Not only does this pack offer a fun, interactive way to learn about a pivotal figure in American history, but it also fosters critical thinking and research skills.

The research project requires your students to complete the following tasks:

  1. Picture of the President to color
  2. Date of birth
  3. Date served
  4. Age when elected
  5. Date of death (of course not relevant)
  6. What number President?
  7. Home State
  8. Vice President
  9. First Lady
  10. Political Party
  11. Interesting facts

This is also included in our President unit study

Find out more information over on the blog at our Barack Obama worksheets

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