Famous Artists Unit Study Bundle

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Discover the world of famous artists with this comprehensive bundle! Enjoy 120 pages of coloring, posters, and in-depth research covering 30 iconic artists and their masterpieces.

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The Famous Artists Unit Study Bundle offers an enriching exploration into the lives and works of 30 renowned painters.

Spanning 120 pages, this collection is perfect for those eager to delve into the art world.

Each artist is represented through informative worksheets, which include a portrait, a copy of one of their famous paintings, and vital details like birth and death dates, nationality, and their contributions to various art movements.

The bundle is enhanced with fun facts and famous quotes, making the learning experience both engaging and educational.

Additionally, the set includes coloring pages and colored posters, providing a hands-on, creative approach to learning. Ideal for use in classrooms, homeschooling, or for personal enrichment, this unit study is a comprehensive guide to understanding the diverse and fascinating world of art.

A set of 30 of the most famous artists of all time. Featuring the following famous artists:

  1. Edward Hicks
  2. Henri Rousseau
  3. Jackson Pollock
  4. Winslow Homer
  5. Claude Monet
  6. Paul Cezanne
  7. Keith Haring
  8. Michelangelo
  9. Roy Lichtenstein
  10. Salvador Dali
  11. Vincent Van Gogh
  12. Rene Magritte
  13. Pierre-Auguste Renoir
  14. Henri Matisse
  15. Georgia Totto O’Keeffe
  16. Diego Velazquez
  17. Wassily Kandinsky
  18. Sandro Botticelli
  19. Piet Mondrian
  20. Paul Gaugin
  21. Kazimir Malevich
  22. Johannes Vermeer
  23. Hieronymus Bosch
  24. Gustav Klimt
  25. Rembrandt
  26. Mary Cassat
  27. John Singleton Copley
  28. John James Audubon
  29. George Seurat
  30. Edgar Degas

Each worksheet includes a picture of the artist and a picture of one of their most famous paintings. Plus their year of birth and death, the country they were born. Plus informational text about what art movement they were part of, any fun facts, or a famous quote.

This famous artists bundle includes the following:

You will also enjoy our ASL worksheets. Here, students can color masterpieces while learning the art titles through American Sign Language.

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